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Cherie Smith's Featured Books

An Act of kindness

What would you do if you saw a boy wanting to play games, but his mom doesn’t have the money, and the boy cries?

Come along on this fun day with David to see what he does.

Little bruce the spruce tree

It’s Christmas time, and Mom and Dad take their three young children hunting for a tree at a live tree farm.

They searched row after row for the perfect tree but had no luck finding it.

Finally, Ryan, their middle child, finds their unlikely tree—a short spruce named Bruce, who whispers to Ryan to take him home with them.

The kids fall in love with their spruce and sleep beside him every night. But what will happen to their new friend when Christmas ends?

Upcoming Books

Great grandpas little boxer

Boxing isn’t about fighting. It’s about defending yourself.

I think i did! I think i saw a ghost

Justin is sleeping at his grandparents’ creaky, old house for the first time, and he’s sure he just saw a ghost that has hidden in his closet.

Long Legs McGee

Morgan McGee is a natural at cheerleading. From the time she first tries out at the age of seven, she knows she’s found the sport for her. What sport can Morgan pursue that makes her feel good instead of causing pain? Join Morgan on this journey to find herself as she looks for her next big passion.